PIGS FOR PEACE (PFP) - Building Peace in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

A pig will help families in Eastern DRC rebuild their lives after 14 years of war and trauma.


Pigs for Peace is a livestock microfinance program that works with poor rural adult women and men to improve the health, economic stability and family and community relationships of participants and their families. Through participation in Pigs for Peace, we help families to improve their housing, health, pay school fees, and grow their farming, livestock or other businesses.

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Social interaction in the aftermath of conflict-related trauma experiences among women in Walungu Territory, DRC

The aim of this study was to understand the relative contribution of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)- and non-PTSD-associated reductions in social interaction among a group of adult Congolese women (N = 701) who have experienced multiple and different traumatic events and are participating in a village livestock microfinance programme.

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Risk for Family Rejection and Associated Mental Health Outcomes Among Conflict-Affected Adult Women Living in Rural Eastern DRC

Stigma due to sexual violence includes family rejection, a complex outcome including economic, behavioral, and physical components. We explored the relationship among conflict-related trauma, family rejection, and mental health in adult women living in rural eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, who participate in a livestock-based microfinance program, Pigs for Peace.

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Livestock/Animal Assets Buffer the Impact of Conflict-Related Traumatic Events on Mental Health Symptoms for Rural Women

In the context of multiple adversities, women are demonstrating resilience in rebuilding their futures, through participation in microfinance programs. In addition to the economic benefits of microfinance, there is evidence to suggest that it is an effective vehicle for improving health.

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Once one of our kids was sick and we used the money from selling the bunnies to pay the hospital.

My pig is preagnent again and I am delighted that I will keep sending my child to school.

Thanks to pig farming I am able to grow vegetables and cassava and potatoes to give to my kids.

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