Our team

Pigs for Peace is a partnership and collaboration of DRC-US colleagues who have expertise and experience in microfinance, economics, livestock, agriculture, nursing, public health, animal health, community based participatory research, and rural development. The colleagues have come together to support economic and health development with rural villages in South Kivu province of DRC through two initiatives, Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience.

Mitima Mpanano Remy, Director, PAIDEK Microfinance and Co-Founder, Pigs for Peace (PFP) and Rabbits for Resilience (RFR)
Mitima Mpanano Remy

Mitima Mpanano Remy, MMD. Director, PAIDEK Microfinance and Co-Founder, Pigs for Peace (PFP) and Rabbits for Resilience (RFR)


I completed my University studies in pedagogy. Between 1972-1977, I was a Teacher and the Directorat Lycée Wima, a girls middle and high school, in Bukavu. I started working in microfinance in 1983 as a Microfinance Agent. I was quickly promoted to be Director of Loans for La Coopérative Contrôle d’Epargne et de Crédit (COOCEC-KIVU). I was again promoted to Manager of Microcredit Activities for North Kivu Province in Goma for COOCEC-KIVU. I co-founded PAIDEK (Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives de Développement Economique du Kivu) in 1993 as a Microfinance Institution focused on North and South Kivu Provinces. I became the General Director of PAIDEK in 2012 when the institution became a Public Limited Company. I co-founded Pigs for Peace in 2008 to work with rural villagers. In 2010, I completed my Masters in Microfinance at the Catholic University of Central Africa in Yaounde, Cameroon. I wanted to work in rural DRC to reduce poverty and help villagers achieve economic stability and invest in their health, education, nutrition, and housing and to develop savings. I cofounded Rabbits for Resilience in 2012 in response to rural parents desire that youth. In addition, I am vice president of the Professsional Association of Microffinance Institutions in Congo, I was the president of the Parent’s Committee for the Catholic University of Bukavu, I am a member of the administrating board of the Catholic University of Bukavu, a member of the Advising Council for Economic Affairs with the Archbishop of Bukavu. I am the actual President of the Microfinance African Institute Network (MAIN).

Dr. Nancy Glass

Dr. Nancy Glass

Nancy Glass, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN. Co-Founder, PFP/RFR and Principal Ivestigator


Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and Associate Director Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, Co-Founder, Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience. Dr. Glass conducts clinical and community-based interventions with diverse populations across multiple domestic and global settings. She is the Principal Investigator (PI) of five federally funded multidisciplinary research studies to test employment, economic empowerment and safety interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and their families. She is the PI of a UNICEF funded trial to determine the effectiveness of a primary prevention and response program on safety for women and girls in conflict affected countries (Somalia and South Sudan). She is a co-investigator on a Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugee and Migration (BPRM) funded partnership with UNHCR to develop and test a screening tool to identify survivors of GBV in displaced and refugee populations in Ethiopia, Uganda and Colombia. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in partnership with Congolese-led NGOs, she is testing the effectiveness of a village led livestock microfinance program on the health and economic stability of women, men and youth living in rural villages, including reintegration into family and community post-trauma. Through these research initiatives, Dr. Glass collaborates with investigators across multiple disciplines and institutions, mentors students and partners with community experts and organizations to improve health, safety, and economic stability for women, families and communities.


Dr. Nancy Perrin

Nancy Perrin, PhD. PFP/RFR Investigator


She is a Senior Investigator and Director of the Biostatistics Core at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Portland, Oregon. Dr. Perrin is an expert research methodologist and statistician and will provide expert consultation on study design, data integrity, and data analyses. Dr. Perrin has collaborated on over 30 federally funded research projects. Her areas of expertise include evaluation and research design, longitudinal and multilevel data analysis, time series designs and analyses, mixed-methods analyses, and psychometrics. She has worked on studies in global settings (primarily Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Somalia), both in establishing the reliability and validity of instruments in different cultures and languages and testing the effectiveness of interventions in diverse and low-resource settings.

Venance Luhazi Banywesize

Venance Banyewesize Luhazi. PFP/RFR Coordinator


Before joining Pigs for Peace, I worked in construction and raised pigs at my home. In addition to my job, raising livestock has helped me to pay for my children’s education through University, care for my family and improve our home. In 2008, Mpanano Mitima Remy and I started to discuss how we can help rural villagers improve their lives in a sustainable manner. We have an adage in French, “petit a petit, l’aiseau fait son ned”. This translates to “little by little, the bird builds his home”. With this saying as our foundation, we started the Pigs for Peace with 10 families as a pilot project. I have managed the project since that first day and witnessed how livestock microfinance brings development opportunities to rural areas, build relationships between community members and improve people’s lives. I have grown a lot through this experience.

Jacquelyn Campbell
Jacquelyn Campbell

Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor


Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell is a national leader in research and advocacy in the field of domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV). Her studies paved the way for a growing body of interdisciplinary investigations by researchers in the disciplines of nursing, medicine, and public health. Her expertise is frequently sought by national and international policy makers in exploring IPV and its health effects on families and communities. Elected to the Institute of Medicine in 2000, Dr. Campbell also was the Institute of Medicine/American Academy of Nursing/American Nurses' Foundation Senior Scholar in Residence and was founding Co-Chair of the IOM Forum on the Prevention of Global Violence. She is on the of the Board of Directors for the Futures without Violence and has served on the board for the House of Ruth Battered Women's Shelter and four other shelters. She was also a member of the congressionally appointed U.S. Department of Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence.

Dr. Anjalee Kohli

Anjalee Kohli, PhD, MPH, PFP/RFR Research Program Manager


Dr. Kohli has more than 13 years experience working in global public health including in the Democratic Republic of Congo, India and Sri Lanka. Her work focuses on developing, implementing and evaluating the impact of community based interventions on individual, family and social well-being. Dr. Kohli started working with Pigs for Peace in 2010 as a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University. She manages the research action partnership between Johns Hopkins University and PAIDEK. In addition, she is leading research in the DRC to understand how to encourage and support positive behaviors among youth.

Matthias M. Cinyabuguma, Ph.D.
Matthias M. Cinyabuguma

Matthias M. Cinyabuguma, Ph.D.


Dr. Cinyabuguma is the founder and genesis of the Great Lakes Restoration (GLR). He was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and grew up in the Bukavu area in South-Kivu Province. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) where he teaches Macroeconomics and Mathematical Economics. Since 2007 Dr. Cinyabuguma has been the designated representative of the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB) in America and in 2008 he was elected to the Board of Trustees. Before coming to UMBC, he was a Lecturer in Economics and Statistics at UCB for three years. Dr. Cinyabuguma has consulted with the IMF; the World Bank; the Center for Experimental Economics at Brown University; the Central Bank of the DRC; Gecamines Commerciale (DRC); and, various NGOs in the DRC and others international in scope. He chairs the board of directors of an NGO, International Agency for Refugee Movement (IRAM) that is working to improve the lives of refugees around the world. Dr. Cinyabuguma is also the legal representative of UCB in the United States. Among his many publications is “Sources of Growth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Co-integration Approach”, jointly with Akitoby Bernardin, in Post Conflict Economics in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2004, ed. Jean A.P. Clement, International Monetary Fund. His current research is concerned with analyzing the impact of institutions and corruption on economic development using theoretical and empirical models; studying fertility and economic growth; and understanding behavioral economics using lab experiments.

Mirindi Alfred

Bacikenge Mirindi Alfred, PFP/RFR Research Agent


I wanted to work for Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience because these projects are focused on helping find sustainable solutions to the problems that rural villagers face. I enjoy meeting people in the village and working with them to improve their lives especially those that feel abandoned by society. I completed my University degree in Rural Development and Regional Planning from the Institut Superiur de Developpement Rural in Bukavu.


Murhula Mitima Clovis

Murhula Mitima Clovis, PFP/RFR Research Agent


Clovis completed his University studies in Economics and Management with a focus on Financial Management at Université catholique de Bukavu (U.C.B.) in 2010. Since 2011, he has worked at Pigs for Peace as a Research and Microfinance Agent. He manages our project in two villages: Cagombe and Kahembari. Clovis decided to work with Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience after considering multiple opportunities. This project interested him the most out of all the different projects for many reasons. For example, with Pigs for Peace, he would work with vulnerable people that live in the village, spend time with them and help them regain their hope for a better life. He would have the chance to learn about his country,  participate in the development of new ideas and strategies and to implement them through the action research project. Clovis enjoys working on the project because it Tgave him  the opportunity to focus on field work and not to isolate himself in the office.

Arsene Kajabika

Kajabika Arsene

Kajabika Bin-Kurhorhwa Arsène. PFP/RFR Research Agent


The Congolese people, especially those living in rural villages in the eastern Provinces, have endured repeated wars and violence which has created many problems for families. I joined Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience because I wanted to improve the health of this vulnerable population and help ensure their economic stability, food security and education for their children. I hope to help villagers including those that have experienced different types of violence to resolve certain problems, to be able to care for themselves (through economic stability, improved health) and to reintegrate in society. I completed my College degree in Economic Sciences and Management and my University degree in Public Economics from L’Université Officielle de Bukavu (U.O.B.).

Jean Heri
Banyewesize Jean Heri

Banyewesize Jean Heri, PFP/RFR Research Agent


My father was a raised livestock. He was especially interested in raising pigs as a way to help our family. Sometimes the pigs fell sick, but he persisted. After returning from school, I sometimes helped my father with the pigs. He taught me how to raise livestock and care for animals. I cannot bear to watch anyone suffer even when I do not have anything to give them to help them through their difficulty. While at University, I studied Economics. I was very happy when I learned about the Pigs for Peace project and how it focused on developing economic security for rural populations. When I was hired, I felt such profound joy. I believe deeply in our projects Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience. I have seen them improve lives and contribute to the well-being of poor people. It was my dream to work on a project like this. I completed my University degree in Economics and Management from the Official University of Bukavu.

Gisele Mushengezi Ntakwinja

Gisele Mushengezi

Mushengezi Ntakwinja Gisele. PFP/RFR Research Agent


I decided to work with Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience because I love to work with animals. I believe that development will come to rural areas as we improve the way we work with our environment, raise livestock and apply improved farming techniques. I completed my College gradué degree in Sustainable Development and Environmental Studies from the Institut Superiur de Developpement Rural in Bukavu.

Eric Mpanano Ntwali
Eric Mpanano Ntwali

Eric Mpanano Ntwali, MD.


He is a Medical Doctor dedicated to providing Safe and Efficient Patient Health Care. Holder of a Degree in Medicine since 2009, he practiced medicine for 4 years in 3 Hospitals (Ciriri, Mubumbano and Kaniola General Hospitals) located in the South Kivu province in the D.R.Congo. He was also the Medical Director of the Kaniola General Hospital. During his stay in these rural areas, Dr Eric interacted and socialized with villagers who experienced insecurity, human rights violations, with multiple outcomes notably poverty, malnutrition and limited access to health care. He decided to work with PFP/RFR as a research agent, a real way to give back a smile to these populations and to better understand their lives. In 2013, Dr. Eric decided to pursue a Masters in Public Health at Kenyatta University. He is also presently a Medical Doctor at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital/Republic of Kenya


Nadine Mwinja Bufole

Nadine Mwinja Bufole. PFP/RFR Secretary


Nadine Mwinja Bufole is the Secretary for the project Pigs For Peace / Rabbits For Resilience. She studied Pedagogy at the Cirezi High School from 1997 to 2004. In 2005, she successfully completed a course focused IT, Windows, Word, Excel and Power point. Nadine started working for Pigs for Peace in June 2011. Nadine wanted to join Pigs for Peace because of their vision to help poor and vulnerable rural villagers. She was inspired by their vision to reduce poverty and help rural villagers improve their health, education and housing. For Nadine, the best way to be helpful vis-à-vis this population is to accept to work on its behalf.

Gracia Mitima Kindja
Gracia Mitima Kindja

Gracia Mitima Kindja


In rural Democratic Republic of Congo, poverty is a big problem. Each person’s dream is to find a way to survive and to help the urban population become self sufficient. We want to bring development to the villages not only by improving the conditions of rural villagers’ lives, but also by improving their culture. Pigs for Peace is a program that works on these things. The project has helped many people to change their lives. This is why I choose to work with the PFP project. I completed my University degree in Economics with a speciality in Financial Management at the Catholic University of Bukavu.

Daphne Carlson-Bremer

Daphne Carlson-Bremer, DVM, MPVM, PhD. Consulting Veterinarian


Dr. Daphne Carlson-Bremer is a veterinary epidemiologist, whose work focuses on the intersections among animal, human and environmental health. Currently, her research focuses on investigating the links between livestock and human health outcomes for vulnerable populations in developing countries. She has developed community based livestock programs for the rural poor and implemented monitoring and evaluation programs to quantify the impacts of such programs on multiple dimensions of livelihoods including poverty, empowerment and directly measurable health outcomes. In addition to research, she teaches One Health to medical and graduate students and has mentored both MD and DVM candidates and students in the Masters of Public Health program. She is an experienced clinician and has previous research experience in the ecology of zoonotic diseases and the use of wildlife populations as sentinels of environmental and human health.

Claire Smith
Claire Smith

Claire Smith. Research Assistant


Ms. Smith will be a sophomore at Yale University in New Haven, CT. She has served as the research assistant working under the mentorship of Drs. Daphne Carlson-Bremer and Nancy Glass. Ms. Smith has worked with the PFP microfinance project for the past three summers with a specific interest in animal husbandry and pig health in low-resource settings. She has worked with Dr. Carlson-Bremer and Dr. Glass on pig assessments and participating in husbandry education and training as well as the preventive medicine program.

Mpanano Rubasha
Mpanano Rubasha

Mpanano Rubasha


Mpanano Rubasha comes from Bukavu. He graduated from Mugeri Minor Seminary (Highschool) with distinction. He is now a second year student at Strathmore University where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Science degree of Telecommunications. Willing to put a smile on people's faces he started working with Pigs For Peace which aims to help the poor and lead him to self-care. He has given a hand in the building of the PFP website and works with the PFP team on the management of the website.